Policy Planning and Economic Development

Tourism Policy


Formulate a tourism policy to guide all tourism development, operations and management so as to meet the Government’s immediate and long-term objectives for tourism. The policy, based on the principles of sustainability, is in line with international best practices to ensure the competitiveness of the national tourism industry within a regional and global scenario.


All phases are implemented under a composite project which can have a duration of 3-6 months.

Indicative budget

€ 50.000 - 100.000

Outputs / deliverables

A tourism policy which identifies tourism as a key economic growth sector and guides its development over the long-term.


The tourism policy is formulated in six phases through a consultative approach involving all stakeholders.

Phase I:
Preparation of an Issues Paper which encompasses a
detailed review and assessment of the current tourism
scenario in the country, identifies policy constraints and
challenges, and, identifies opportunities and benchmarks for
the future growth of the industry. The issues to be addressed

  • policy and strategy;
  • institutional strengthening;
  • legislation and regulation;
  • product development and diversification;
  • marketing and promotion;
  • economic impact of tourism and tourism investment;
  • tourism infrastructure and superstructure;
  • human resource development; and
  • socio-cultural and environmental impacts of tourism.

The Issues Paper is based on review of existing tourism policies, strategies and plans, and is finalized after exhaustive discussions with all stakeholders.

Phase II:
Organization of a series of regional workshops to disseminate the Issues Paper to regional public and private tourism stakeholders to ensure that current and future needs of the tourism industry have been well identified.

Phase III:
Formulation of a draft tourism policy.

Phase IV:
Organization of a National Forum to receive feedback from stakeholders on the draft tourism policy.

Phase V:
Finalization of the tourism policy based on consultative feedback.

Phase VI:
Formulation of an Action Plan to implement the policy recommendations.