Statistics and Quality Standards

Statistical Strengthening and Development of a Tourism Satellite Account (TSA)


Facilitate the understanding of the full social and economic dimension of tourism in terms of demand (international and domestic arrivals, characteristics of their visits, and their consumption of goods and services) and supply (characteristics of local industries involved in tourism and details of their production and use of labour and capital), thereby guiding tourism policy and planning while providing a useful lobbying tool to National Tourism Administrations to advocate the cause of tourism.


Phase I: 10 days; Phase II: 1-3 years

Indicative budget

Phase I: € 10,000 – 15,000; Phase II: Budget depends on duration and scope of project.

Outputs / deliverables

A regular, competitive and reliable source of tourism statistics and related economic and social data (including information on employment generated by tourism). Capacities built among staff of NTA, National Statistical Office, Central Bank and Immigration Authorities to collect and process tourism-related statistics. 


Two phase approach:

Phase I:
Evaluation Mission to undertake a detailed assessment of the current status of collection and analysis of tourism-related statistics on the demand and supply side, identify gaps and constraints as well as make recommendations for inter-institutional collaboration for tourism-related statistics and economic data (national tourism administration, national statistical office, central bank and immigration authorities).

Phase II:
Long-term project focusing on either strengthening the entire system of tourism statistics including capacity building and/or developing an experimental TSA depending on recommendations of the Evaluation Mission