Product Development, Marketing & Promotion

Product Development and Diversification


Increase the competitiveness of the country’s tourism industry by evaluating the scope and diversity of existing and potential tourism resources; providing guidelines for their conversion into quality tourism products based on research of current and future market trends; and, addressing the national and regional challenges of product similarity and lack of product diversity with the ultimate aim of increasing tourist arrivals (including repeat visitors), increasing their length of stay and thereby, spreading the economic benefits of tourism to all parts of the country.


2-4 months

Indicative budget

€ 50,000 – 70,000

Outputs / deliverables

Potential products identified to facilitate diversification. 


Review and assess the current quality and standard of the country’s tourism product, both existing and potential, in terms of its diversity (natural, cultural, recreational, conference facilities) and produce a SWOT analysis for quality and diversity of tourism resources and products for each province/district of the country to determine geographical spread of tourism activities.  The SWOT analysis also includes an overview of supply of tourism services (accommodation, access, etc.)

Analyse current and future market trends to the country and undertake visitor surveys at important locations to determine the characteristics of visitors and their tourism-related activities.

Based on the above, prioritize the initial areas of tourism development potential based on their relative market potential, level of constraints facing tourism development, and, the degree of social need (poverty alleviation through tourism).

Formulate recommendations for the short, medium and long-term tourism product development based on diversification of types of products, more geographical spread throughout the country, and, increased length of stay of tourists.  The recommendations address issues related to lack of coordination and implementation, lack of innovation, land tenure, and limited community involvement.