Policy Planning and Economic Development

Manpower Planning for the Tourism Sector


Build up highly qualified and well trained human resources in the public and private sectors to develop, manage and serve the industry in a sustainable and competitive manner in accordance with international standards.


2-4 months

Indicative budget

€ 150,000 minimum (budget depends on scope and nature of project).

Outputs / deliverables

Well structured manpower plan; improved capacities for HRD management; strengthened education and training facilities; and establishment of an accreditation and quality standardization system.


Two phase approach:

Phase I:

Review the Government’s objectives, policies and strategies with regard to manpower planning and human resource development in the tourism sector (both hospitality and tourism) and evaluate the NTA’s capacity to develop and manage tourism in a professional manner (at the central and local levels).

Undertake a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the existing hospitality and tourism management training programmes/courses both in public and private sector institutions. Review curricular structure with focus on strengths and weaknesses, and, conduct a comparative analysis with well-established international curricular models.   

Carry out a detailed evaluation of all aspects of hotel operations with particular emphasis on operational standards of various departments like front office, food and beverage service, food production, accommodation management, automation, and all other related services. Identify operational deficiencies in the entire range of hotel operations and services.  Similar evaluations to be undertaken for other tourist services and facilities, particularly tour operations, travel agencies and tour guides with emphasis on operating standards, staffing, fair trade practices, creativity and innovation.

Phase II:

Based on the evaluation undertaken in Phase I and taking into account tourism trends and forecasts for the country, as well as current qualitative and quantitative employment levels in the industry, prepare a complete manpower development plan for both public and private sectors in tourism.  The plan includes curricula for various educational programmes, and, training modules for hospitality skills including train-the-trainer programmes.  The plan is supported by an accreditation and quality standardization system.