Policy Planning and Economic Development

Institutional Strengthening and Public-Private Partnership


Identify and clarify the present and future roles of the public and private sector organizations in tourism development of the country, and make improvements on operations of tourism associations and tourism boards. 


3 months

Indicative budget

€ 50,000 – 75,000

Outputs / deliverables

 Improved institutional framework for tourism development in the country and a public-private participatory model for decision and policy-making processes for tourism development, management and promotion. 


Through a series of workshops:

Review the existing institutional and organizational structures of the tourism sector: public sector (including central and district level), private sector, and local communities.

Review the current status of public-private partnership in tourism development, management and promotion of the country, including an assessment of current tourism organizations, associations and institutions.

Provide recommendations on how to develop and adopt tourism development policies and strategies based on a participatory model for decision-making processes involving communication and coordination between public and private sectors.

Raise awareness on the benefits and possibilities of public and private and community partnership in tourism development and provide best practice models which can be implemented in the local situation.

Recommend improvements to the communication channels between public and private sectors in determining the needs of the industry to stimulate confidence and building of mutual trust as well as to increase the competitiveness of the tourism sector.

Recommend new arrangements for the organization of the  tourism sector, both in respect of public and private sectors, designed to deliver a more streamlined and co-ordinated approach based on informed guidance of the sector and effective public-private partnership. If needed, identify an implementing and coordinating body including its outline structure, roles and responsibilities and job descriptions for key positions.