Human Resource Development

Capacity Building Programmes in Hospitality Skills and Tourism Business Development


Provide intensive training to local communities/ private sector in various aspects of development and management of tourism businesses, and hospitality skills to provide them with better opportunities to seek employment in the tourism sector.


1-3 months (depending on the number of courses)

Indicative budget

Average budget: € 15,000 per course

Target beneficiaries

Outputs / deliverables

Improved capacities of private sector and local community members in tourism businesses and hospitality skills to promote their participation in the tourism industry.


Series of intensive courses focused on:

  • business opportunities from tourism;
  • how to run a small business (café, handicraft shop, homestay);
  • business regulations and standards that apply to tourism businesses;
  • financing of tourism businesses including micro-credit;
  • tour guiding and interpretation;
  • language skills;
  • professional grooming;
  • all aspects of hotel management; and
  • tourist safety and security.

The courses are as participatory as possible with interactive working sessions and group exercises.  The courses provide international, regional and local case studies and best practices which can be applicable to the local context.