Updating Ghana's National Tourism Master Plan

20 Jan 12

Ghana’s tourism sector has undergone rapid expansion under the implementation of the existing 15-year National Tourism Development Plan (1996-2010).  As of 2010, there were approximately 930,000 international arrivals (more than double the figures of 2005) which generated approximately USD 1.88 billion in foreign exchange earnings and government revenues and it was estimated that the sector contributed approximately 6.2 per cent to GDP.  International air accessibility to Ghana has increased and there have been significant developments in investment in accommodation, restaurants, infrastructure networks (roads, local transport etc.), which have created substantial jobs in both formal and informal sectors in the national and local economies, especially for women, the youth and the unemployed.

At the request of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Ghana, UNWTO fielded a technical assistance mission to Ghana from 22-29 November 2011 to review the current situation of the tourism sector in the country and prepare a project document for the review of the National Tourism Development Plan with a Strategic Action Plan that will facilitate and guide the practical and realistic implementation of the Development Plan.  The project document would also include a second phase comprising a Catalyst Project Implementation programme which will involve the realization of small key projects focusing on priority areas of the Ministry of Tourism including product development, branding and marketing, improving statistics and research capacity,  capacity building and improved air access to the country.

The project document was submitted to the Ministry of Tourism of Ghana in December 2011 for its review and approval.  It is expected that the project will be launched in the first quarter of 2012.