Mr. José Quintas
National Director of Tourism Marketing and International Relations
Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Timor-Leste

“I do believe that the community-based ecotourism marketing strategy is very useful as guidance for promoting this product in Timor-Leste. The strategy has provided details of what stakeholders can do in order to showcase and manage community-based ecotourism successfully, and also provides a wide range of recommendations and action plans on how to improve the quality of enterprises before embarking upon the implementation of marketing and promotion activities.

In Timor-Leste, unemployment is one of the Government´s priorities that needs to be tackled in the short and medium term, so, this project will help the Government to equip young people with vocational skills to compete in the labor market.”


UNWTO, with the support from the Korea Tourism Organization and the ST-EP Foundation, implemented a ST-EP project in Timor-Leste to strengthen the marketing of community-based tourism in the country. As a new independent country with attractive natural and cultural resources, Timor-Leste witnesses a growing demand from international tourists, and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture is actively supporting the development of community-based tourism initiatives as part of the efforts to diversify the country’s tourism product and enhance the local economic impact from tourism.