Travel Foundation (UK)

“If tourism is to deliver its promise of helping to reduce poverty and inequalities in developing countries, ideas and theories have to be put into action. The ST-EP Initiative allowed us to do this in partnership with the Kenya Coast and Tourism Association (KCTA), providing funding, expertise and other support for our Mombasa beach sellers' project and then help with disseminating the findings. This partnership has helped the project to be adopted more widely in Mombasa and neighbouring destinations, increasing the impact of our work."

In this ST-EP project, UNWTO, with the support from the Travel Foundation, worked with the Mombasa North Coast Beach Operators (including safari guides, massage sellers, boat operators, photographers, Samburu warriors, community traders and curio sellers) and looked to build on the existing structure of the association already in place.

The aim was to support the long term sustainability of tourism along the Kenyan coast through strengthening livelihoods for beach operators, improving their interaction with tourists, and minimizing tourist hassle. Following an assessment of the needs of the various beach operators, a curriculum was developed and 21 training workshops were rolled out to 573 beach operators. Training included topics such as tour guiding skills, relationship building with stakeholders and personal financial management.