Human Resource Development

Capacity Building Programmes in Hospitality Skills and Tourism Business Development

Technical product category: 

Provide intensive training to local communities/ private sector in various aspects of development and management of tourism businesses, and hospitality skills to provide them with better opportunities to seek employment in the tourism sector.

Improved capacities of private sector and local community members in tourism businesses and hospitality skills to promote their participation in the tourism industry.

Capacity Building Programmes in Tourism Development and Management

Technical product category: 

Provide intensive training in various disciplines of tourism development, management and promotion. 

Improved capacities of government officials at the national and local level and local community members to develop, manage and promote tourism.

Manpower Planning for the Tourism Sector

Technical product category: 

Build up highly qualified and well trained human resources in the public and private sectors to develop, manage and serve the industry in a sustainable and competitive manner in accordance with international standards.

Well structured manpower plan; improved capacities for HRD management; strengthened education and training facilities; and establishment of an accreditation and quality standardization system.